My Quirky Ideas

The Problem
The Problem I would like to solve is not having equal slices of pizza, a real pizza cutter that is not so huge it cant be stored in a drawer, i would like to
be able to use it for other cutting and chopping need.
The Solution
The product I am submitting is a large pizza cutter like the ones used in many pizza parlors, this is a household item that can be folded for easier
storage. It can be opened to a full size pizza cutter or you can use it to cut a slice of pizza with ease.You can also use it as a double bladed or a single
bladed Ulu for cutting and chopping
an option have a small locking device at the Joint where it folds locking the blade straight or at an angle for cutting
just slices of different sizes. You can remove the pin and use it as 2 separatePizza slicer cover1 kitchen knives or leave the pin for a double bladed chopping knife.


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